It's going to be long, tough season for Gubbies.


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Have they solved the leadoff spot? Everything went downhill once Fowler left.


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With no solid #1 or #2 this year is going to be brutal.
Hendricks is a solid #2. Davies is a solid #3.

This year is not about winning. It was about lowering payroll then Tom gave Jed a few bucks to sign Joc and a feel good move in Jake. The rest was filler for the year.

The term next year applies this year. I am going to be watching this year for development in Kol and Alozay. Then follow Brennen Davis and Brylin Marquez. See where they start them and watch their progress up the system.

I wouldn't get wrapped up in success this year. If that was the goal then Yu would have never been traded. If it was about success dropping Kyle and adding Joc would have been wise due to Joc being a better high fast ball hitter. Success would mean that the 3 openings in the rotation would have been addressed in trades for prospects vs dumpster dives.

If you want to follow competition follow the Pads this year. The white sox are a reach for die hard Cub fans. Pads are pretty neutral and they are targeting the Dodgers.