Kollmann Senior Bowl recap live stream


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Just a tip for anyone who's technology challenged but interested in watching. Even though it's a live stream, if you jump in late you can still rewind to the beginning, or wherever you like.


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If Matt Ryan is traded, which is highly unlikely, strong chance he goes to SF.

Levi Onwuzurike is a great prospect, I think probably the top IDL.

Sage Surratt is an interesting guy to think about in the 3rd, especially if AR signs elsewhere. There are so many good WRs all the way through round 4 and maybe beyond. If AR goes I think you might see the Bears draft two WR in the mid rounds.

The Edge class is really strong around rounds 2-3. Depending on how things go (Bears trade Hicks and or AR, get QB without giving up draft capital, trade down etc), I would love to see them target an EDGE in round 2. Joe Tryon, Patrick Jones, can never have enough EDGE and that's a position that is going to need to be replenished soon.