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After watching all of our beloved Bulls games so far this year I see 1 of our biggest flaws is leadership. This shows itself in a couple of ways in winning and losing. First example is half court offense. Who is our leader in the half court. I would love for London to run our offense more like an Jason Kidd or Chris Paul has control of how their offense is ran. So on to many occasions gives up his point guard duties and just stands around waiting to for a spot up 3. Our player movement half court is very stagnant at times. We look like an inexperienced ball club on that end. Besides just passing the ball around the perimeter every now and again I don't know what our type of offense we run. Too many occasions its iso Demarr or Zach. That will only get you so far.

Defense and energy at every game. Yes this team is a top 10 defense, but we are as the season goes on not getting the same effort from everyone like we did in pre season or even the first 5 games of this season. Of coarse it's not everyone. Lonzo, Alex, Devonte are our best and most consistent defenders on the squad. They rarely mail it in on effort. Some of our other players give up on plays when they are needed to give multiple efforts. Some quit on plays too earl and make grade school mistakes of giving up baseline to defenders or even directing players to go baseline on them. The talking on defense doesn't seem to be there as much either. I wonder if when they watch tape does anyone address the air headed mis plays or lack of effort during film study.

I hate to have to go here, but coaching. When things are out of control, or the team doesn't look like there ready to play it doesn't appear like Billy Donavan has the urgency to get us on the correct path. I know the players love him, but you have get on guys in real time when they are not doing their jobs. You can be a player coach and still call out b.s when it's happening on the floor. He seems to have the philosophy to let the players figure it out like Phil Jackson would do with his team. Problem is that this team hasn't earned that type of trust because they just got thrown together, and as good as these players are there is not an Michael Jordan or a Prime D.Rose on this squad. This team still needs guidance and veteran knowledge because they are still a relative novice of a team. I like our team but our warts are showing more and more.


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Championship teams have more two way players than the Bulls have on their current roster. Look at a few examples: Giannis, Lopez, Holiday. Leonard, Lowry, Siakam. Klay, KD, Iggy. Leonard, Duncan. Wade, LeBron, Bosh. Kobe, Ariza/Artest. KG, Rondo, PP Billups, Sheed. Kobe, Fisher. Pippen, Jordan. Hakeem, Maxwell, Elie. Dumars, Thomas. McHale, Parish. Kareem, Cooper.


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One could say our best two way players are Lonzo and Caruso...and that should tell you all you need to know about how we stand on that front

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I'd love to see Zo add some half court offense to his game, but that isn't and probably won't ever be his strong suit. He excels at transition offense and defense. His role so far has been perfectly suited to him.

It's on Billy to make it happen on offense and so far it's lacking considering the firepower we have. Too much ISO.


so anyway, I started blasting
I'd actually like to see Lonzo get more aggressive with his scoring, especially on nights when Vucevic is struggling with his. I like to see Lonzo attack the rim but I don't think he does it enough