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We got the 2nd best QB in the draft at 11, I cannot see anyway that it is an over pay.

The Steelers went from 20 to 10 for a non QB and gave up 20, 2nd, and a future 3rd, which by most trade value charts is more than we gave up or very similar.


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Also, the Watson pick isn't looking great at this point either.
Yeah, but not because of on-field issues.

I don't think that any team has a question on its exam to figure out if there are those types of red flags.

Houston Texans Personality Exam

Question 26

If you go to a massage parlor, do you:
a. lie quietly, receive your massage, pay a generous tip and leave.
b. ask for a Happy Ending for $50.
c. grab your masseuse's ass without asking because you are privileged?

By the way, the correct answer is always D. You do not go to a massage parlor because you are too busy watching tape.

As an aside, I predict that Watson ends up with the Patriots because Watson would not go to a massage parlor in Boston because he would be afraid of being caught by the owner as Watson was pulling his pants down as Kraft was pulling his pants up.