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Wasn’t expecting a near consensus from media outlets that the Bears are going to have a down year. I’m actually shocked to be honest.

Guess tomorrow is 1 chance of many for the team to disprove these notions. If they do win (and I expect them too) hopefully it isn’t in spite of Trubisky.
I am not.

They fall over the Pack year after year and GB with Rodgers has shit the playoff bed more than anyone.

But they have a narrative they must hold onto.


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As far as the question as to why analysts can't see what the CCS experts see:

Some of them do. Some of them don't. Trubisky is a wildcard, and he's a mixed bag. I think part of the problem is expectations. Some people can't see anything but the #2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. And for people like that, where you're taken in the draft dictates how you should play. If you're not an all-pro in year 2 being picked that highly, then you're gonna get slammed. If you're not keeping up with the other QBs taken the same year as you, then you're gonna get slammed.

I still see him as someone that didn't play a lot of games at a high level. And this is the year that I'm thinking he'll catch up to how other, more experienced guys were last year. Every guy's path is different. But the experience is huge. The more he gets, the better he's going to get imo. I don't even need to see him make this HUGE leap this year. But I do want to see incremental improvement. As long as that is there, I'm comfortable with Trubisky.

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All right. AFC South. You are still a dipshit.

Just ignore the fact that you said that the 'experts' are usually right. When they aren't.
Please get some rest before tonight’s game. You’re very irritable and are making a lot of mistakes in your posts.

Thanks in advance.


I'm disappointed y'all keep falling for my man mick's traps. I mean at this point he isn't even trying to make complicated ones. Its more like a box held up by a stick, all he does is put a negative trubisky article under it and folks run right and bam, you're trapped. Straight up looney toons esque.