Nice article on Duncan Keith


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Yeah, Keith is going the Kareem/Lebron/Brady route here and taking a Hall of Fame career into legend/mount rushmore status.

Where does his ice time rank? Did they used to play more minutes back in the day? So modern era ranking of ice time plus playoff ice time would interest me. Who could be close? Charra? Doughty? Jagr? Crosby? What are we talking about here historically? I'd guess it could be 1. Charra 2. Keith 3. Doughty with plenty of names I am forgetting, Caps and Pens maybe someone in ballpark.


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From Hockeyreference .com

Keith 16 years, all Blackhawks
Games played: reg season-1,155, playoffs -135 playoffs

Reg season TOI: 28,879
Playoffs: 3,781
Total: 32,660

Suter 16 years total, 7 Years NSH, 9 years MIN
Games played: reg season -1,153, playoffs- 81 playoffs

Reg season TOI: 29,001
Playoffs: 2,223
Total: 31,224


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All he does is smile and skate. He never gets tired. He never gets shook up. He never looks slow or hampered. He skates. And smiles.

I don't think he needs the 5 or 6 or 9 million, he'd do it for free. "Just let me skate." Like an OCD lion pacing back and forth confined at the zoo. His ancestors were explorer mountaineers and he channels all that energy and calm into 200 feet of ice, repeat...his ancestors were ocean sailors, pushing onward across the next sunset...and he gets up and does it again.

The guy has to be absolutely insane to do what he does. He became my favorite when he proved that, watched 27 chiclets hit the ice, went in the room for 15 minutes...and just went back to skating like its his fix or something. Skating is his goddamn needle, you can't stop him. "There he goes again. Keith is back out there. WTF?!" Every single one of his teeth fell out of his mouth like your kid dropped a jar of marbles at the museum...and the guy is like

"do you have a swab? Tape me up I don't want to misss morning skate."

Get fucked Keith. Get fucked.


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Bob thanks for link, I just want to follow up and say this, Hawks fans have seen Keith at his absolute best and most likely his absolute worst, which is not really that bad, however my point being, I can’t help but applaud the effort of him and Kaner(I know this is not about Kane) for what they are currently doing. They easily could of through there hands up in the air, request a trade, create a poor playing environment after Stan’s change of philosophy, instead they are the constant professionals and you can feel and see the kids are consuming there energy and using that energy in a positive way. They are the leaders of this team along with Johnny of course, positivity is something that is easy to get addicted to, you don’t have to look far to see the kids are sold on there leaders and responding in a way that I honestly didn’t see happening this season.