***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Chiefs (Gotz 2 Stay TRU 2 Mahomes Edition)

Who wins?

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My point is Pace is the only constant which you are ignoring. If you want to blame some of this on Navy I would also argue Pace’s best years in terms of player evaluation have come with Nagy. Burton was a top 10 TE. Miller is a a solid WR2. AR12 is a beast. Montgomery looks promising. I’m not sure what your point is.
Can you read? I said they are both to blame so no I am not ignoring Pace. You are the one trying to downplay Nagy's role in player evaluation as if Pace is acquiring guys against Nagy's wishes.

It would be one thing if Nagy made up for his shitty player evaluation by being good in other areas but he has failed at just about every aspect of coaching this season.

1. Personnel decisions have been poor.

2. Playcalling has been terrible.

3. Team preparation has been garbage as evidence by the Bears always losimg after extended layoff.

4. Team discipline is garbage.

You guys get giddy just because he schemes a good play here and there but he is the Mitch Trubisky of coaches. His flashes of brilliance are few and far between.
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