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Aug 21, 2012
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I admit to being pretty football stoopid so if my take on this is wrong, I'm sure that the brilliant football minds that inhabit this forum will set me straight.

This Twitter savant is, to me, being a little disingenuous, smug and thoroughly irritating by presenting this list as an assessment of "real" NFL quarterbacks because they can drop back better than the rest of the QBs in the league. i.e. the best QBs. Calling RPOs, Play Action and Screens "fake production" is really dumb. While it's true that several of the best are here, but no Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson. Is that because most of what they do is "fake production". Really? Using this scale, neither one is as good as Bridgewater or Jimmy G. Give me a break!

I think if they put together a list using only RPOs, Play Action and Screens it would look very different than this. But neither list on their own indicates which of them is the best QB. Combined they do. So, to me, a list like this one serves no purpose other to make false equivalences and to make the reader think the writer somehow knows what he is talking about.

If any of what I said here causes you to slap your forehead in disgust, don't give yourself a concussion about it. Just come on here and eviscerate me. As I said "football stoopid" is my middle name. :cool:


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Apr 17, 2010
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Sorry I missed this @ in the sea of notifications during @dongbears 1.5 week meltdown. He’s only glass half full when it comes with to the bears. He’s another is a long line of angry meatball homers