***OFFICIAL USMNT Thread*** (Vol. 2022 WC Qualifying)


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That tie to El Salvador really hurts.

Most games are must win now and the team doesn't feel set at all. It's patchwork and very young.

I'll believe we qualified when we do but think mature teams like Canada and Jamaica create a massive issue for us.

I won't be as sad as 4 years ago given the depth of the pool. It doesn't get lower than dropping a qualifying win and your in to Trinidad.

Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Canada, Honduras all have quality squads this time in addition to US/Mexico.

Maybe we can expect they all take points off each other too and we have just enough.

But McKennie was one of the reasons for optimism.

We have the guys but we haven't been able to get them all on the field at once.

The under 23 squad makes you think 2026 is a lock and 2022 experience just gravy.
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