OT: Officially Sosa was a Juicer


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I think a lot of juicers will get in.

I'm definitely all for letting the best of the best in this era get in regardless of whether they took steroids. Are we going to kick out players in the amphetamines era of baseball because they took pills to have greater energy each day?

I couldn't disagree with you more. What these guys have done has made a mockery of the sport. Guys took amphetamines to stay alert and to feel less fatigued, usually used by late night guys who were tired the next day. They were not performance enhancers.

The game has been sullied by what has happened the last 10 years. As an African-American, to see Hank Aaron's record fall to some butthole with a big ass head (literally) is sad. I don't consider them Hall of Fame, exceptional players through natural gifts, they took steroids. So people like Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey are virtually ignored while the country stared at McGwire, Sosa and Bonds go on doped up homer rampages. Its ridiculous and has made a mockery of the sport.

So let me get this right, you want to put these guys into the HOF because they got doped up and others didn't? I don't get it.


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Pujols had that weird injury two years ago that is an injury that happens mostly to steroid users.

If you're talking about his elbow injury, that wasn't weird at all & happens to tons of players, steroids or no. Plus he injured his calf while running, which there's nothing suspicious about that. The only dark cloud I see is the fact that he's Dominican, & almost all of the big Dominican stars have been outed as juicers. Hope the same isn't true for A-Ram.

I think it was an oblique or something with his him. It was two or three years ago.

Eh, whatever. I hate the friggin' Cards anyway. Same goes for Pujols.

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