OT: World Cup Star Forlan to Seattle?


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MLSR said:
MLSR received a tip a few day ago from one of our readers that Diego Forlan mentioned he wanted to come to MLS in an interview with Jorge Ramos on ESPN Deportes.

Here’s a translation of the interview in the video above sent to us courtesy of a loyal reader:

-(Interviewer, his name is Sonzol in case you care!): Diego, where are you going to finish your career? Argentina or Uruguay? Because you promised to go back to Argentina, but you are Uruguayan. Will there be any problems there?

-You know, the prospect of playing in the United States motivates me. I’m not talking about retiring there, but I would like to play there. Sincerely, it’s a very nice country, a good league, and it motivates me a lot. If some day we receive a good offer I would go there. I see the US as a very good option.

-(Interviewer): I think that in 4 or 5 years this league will be very close to the level of the Spanish, English and Italian leagues. The process indicates it is going that way. They have the economic resources, and they shown they are decided to do it, they have good stadiums… And I’ve already heard that Álvaro Fernández’ team is watching you. Of course, the thing is there is a rescission clause…

-Of course, and the MLS doesn’t pay for transfers, so there are a few things… But as I always say, finishing my career in Uruguay or Argentina is something I would like very much, and it’s an option. But I see it more distant every day. I want to enjoy playing, a player’s career is short, and nowadays you have other options like the US, like Dubai, Qatar. There are a lot of countries that offer a good living and you can play and enjoy. So there are a lot of things you can’t know right now, but depending on what happens in the next few years I will decide what is best and where I will go.

Our reader continues:
(Interview goes on to talk about Juventus…)

Its not perfect, but us Uruguayans have a very particular way of speaking that doesn’t translate so well. Also, in this case there were a lot of pauses, doubting, etc. The whole playing in the MLS came up because he mentioned it. I know the transition from question to answer seems weird but thats how it went down! Feel free to perfect the English and structure of it, this is as close as I could get to a true translation to the original.

Now here is a rough Spanish to English translation of some excerpts from an article on elmundodeportivo.es which states that he may head to Seattle Sounders FC, home of his good friend and Uruguayan national teammate Alvaro Fernandez. While we are not expecting Forlan to come in the winter transfer window, it is no secret that Seattle has the kind of cash which could procure Forlan at some point down the road.

Forlan’s future is in the air

Atletico will seek to clarify intentions with the Uruguayan’s agent in a meeting that is scheduled to take place next February

“I say as usual, if a good offer comes from the club for me to study it, I will. I am a professional and sincere. But there is nothing. I’m happy at Atletico, but I was happy at Villarreal and left for Atletico. I am a professional. ” These words of Diego Forlan are a direct invitation to trigger the rumor mill about his future. A future that Atletico will seek to clarify with the agent of the Uruguayan in a meeting that is scheduled to take place next month in February. A meeting sought by both parties to end speculation if the Uruguayan striker fulfill the contract he signed in the summer of 2009, which ties him to the Manzanares stadium until 2013. A contractual situation that has not stopped the Uruguayan striker from being the target of speculation about his possible transfer last summer and this winter market.

The fact that both parties have said the meeting will take place in February confirms that the best player in the last World Cup will not leave in this winter market, even though teams such as Juventus are interested in hiring him. The Uruguayan remains at least until June 30 wearing the uniform of red and white (Atletico Madrid’s colors).

Apart from the interest of Juventus in other clubs in Spain have also knocked on his door. Malaga, which is being reinforced hard and well, wanted to take the charrúa in this winter market, but their offer was rejected because, unless irresistible proposal, Atletico is not willing to let go now to ‘7 ‘. And for the forthcoming year, in Brazil there is already talk of interest from Corinthians and Sao Paulo. Forlan said he wants to play in the Carioca championship, as did his father, and these teams have not hesitated to open the doors.

There is interest as well as in the U.S. market. Major League Soccer’s spark dreams of Uruguay, in particular the Seattle Sounders, who wants to grow with the hiring of the Uruguayan.
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