Over/Under on where Nagy lands..


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Aug 21, 2012
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This is true, Mel is doing a phenominal job at Michigan State. IMO, its easier to get resurrected when you fail as a coordinator as opposed to when you are a failure as an HC. Nagy has failed on so many levels...I just don't see him with a job in 2022. Again at a minimum is unemployeed at least a year.

Someone brought up Trestman getting the OC gig. That's a fair point BUT also keep in mind that Trestman was a decent OC to begin with and the Bears offense didn't look as putrid as it does now. He had something to hang his hat on. Can anyone honestly tell me, what 1 positive thing can Nagy hang his hat on at this point?
He was awesome getting lunch and coffee for Andy Reid. Try to deny that one!