Kill Your Masters
CCS Hall of Fame '20
What I will refer to as "The Lankinen run" has put the Hawks into the playoff picture.

Are they a Cup contender? With a healthy Toews and Dach? Maybe. But as it is right now, this Hawks team, outside of a complete blow out from Lankinen, are no doubt a worthy playoff team.

Ok, I'm giving JC credit, he has this team playing a strong forecheck. And while the whole man on man defense is still a work in progress, he's put these kids in positions where they can actually develop.

I didn't think too much of Mitchell, but he's turned DK back into that rabid dog defenseman because DK now has a partner he can rely on.

I also have noticed the defenseman jumping into plays more frequently and seeing a forward go back to cover. Beaudin likes to cheat, and it looks like the team sees it.

And really, what can you say about Suter, Kurashev, and Hagel? Hagel has jets attached to his skates and reminds me of a faster Abdelcater (sp) from the Wings prime. Watching this kid dump and chase is a thing of beauty.

And don't get me started on Lankinen. The kid will sweep Calder, Hart, and Vezina if he keeps his level of play up.

I thought you said that Toews IS healthy, but just faking it because management has done things, bad things to his morale?