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Red Sparrow.

I give it 3.5 Italian Beefs out of 5 Italian Beefs.

I’d give it an extra .75 if we got a JLaw beat shot.


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Took my daughter to see Secret Life of Pets 2. Was pretty good if you like that type of thing. Too many stories going on at once, but it was pretty entertaining.

Also we rented Wonder Park which I thought was pretty awesome. Was amazed at the sad set up for the story line. Was pretty rough for a kids movie.

Smallfoot sucked ass.

Daughter came from TX to VA for 5 weeks so all I have are kids movies to report in on.


Five Feet Apart - 5/5
Watched this two days ago. Had a co-worker that lost two daughters to CF so while I don't know how true the conditions are, it really hit me hard. I enjoyed the acting and felt the love story in it was not overdone. Not a movie I would necessarily watch a second time but definitely worth seeing once (with tissues).


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How important is it too watch the marvel movies in order?

Some are on Netflix, but not all of them.


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Any of you guys watching The Naked Director on Netflix?
It's a series about a Japanese porn director in the 80's. Sort of a visionary in the field.
If you're into J-porn make sure to check it out.


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9 to 5.

Yes it's an oldie, but in terms of movies that help you vent about the work place, it's one of the best--with scenes of boss torture and everything. And let's be honest, there's times where we all wish we could hire a couple of wranglers to go and beat the shit out of an uppity co-worker.


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Overcomer 9/10 if you are a person of faith
Angry Birds 2 8/10 Predictable yet fun!


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Finally got around to watching endgame.

It pissed me off because it either did not follow its own rules, or it did a shit job of highlighting a key plot point.

When Rhodie suggests going back in time to strangle baby Thanos, Banner say it doesnt work like that- you cannot go back in time and undo stuff like that.

That is all fine and good, I accept that as a rule in that universe.

Then, Cap goes back, and marries peggy. The ripple effect is that he would have undone her children. So yes, you can eliminate people and change the past.

The simple fix to that would be to put it all on Tony- he wanted his daughter to remain a person. Undoing the snap and everything after would have eliminated her. Maybe he has a kid, but likely not the same one that he knows.
Have tony point out it is possible to change time, but he is unwilling to do so, hence the gathering of the stones and using them in the present.

the secondary time issue is Gamora.
They pulled her from the past and either set her loose in the present or vaporized her in the snap- that was left unclear.
Regardless of the outcome, she left the past, and did not exist on any plane from 2013 to 2023 or whenever endgame was.
she would not have been with Thanos in 2017, and as a result he could not have gotten the soul stone.

The only way things would work is if Gamora is transported back to her initial timeline.

Time travel movies as a rule suck- they cannot seem to follow their own rules. (back to the future being the exception).


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What Hulk explains is that you can't travel back in time in the same timeline. But what you can do is travel to alternate timelines via the quantum realm. This is actually the prevailing theory of quantum mechanics which says that at the quantum level, events are not fixed but rather exist in a state of infinite possibility and each possibility is represented by an alternate universe.

So if they go back and kill Thanos, what they would be doing is killing a Thanos from an alternate reality and the reality in which Thanos wins would still exist. So the plan was to go back in time and recover the stones from an alternate reality then bring them back to the present and use the Infinity Gauntlet not to undue the past which they can't but to bring everyone that died from the snap into 2023. This doesn't violate the rules because they still died in the past as the result of the snap but since the snap was done by the gauntlet, it can be undone in the future via the gauntlet. That is why they could not bring anyone back who died prior to the snap ie Gamora.

So with that understood, Cap went to an alternate timeline in 1940 and lived with Peggy in that alternate timeline. The original timeline where he got frozen and Peggy went on to have kids is unchanged because that is not the timeline he traveled too as he can't travel to his original timeline. What you see at the end was that after living his life with Peggy in that alternate timeline, he used the suit to return to his original timeline in 2023. There he gives Falcon the shield which proves he lived in an alternate timeline because the shield in his original timeline was destroyed.

As for Gamora, the Gamora they pulled was again from an alternate timeline so she still existed from 2013 -2017 in the original timeline. She was simply pulled from an alternate timeline to the original timeline. The Gamora from the original timeline still did everything we saw in the previous films and then died when Thanos sacrificed her for the soul stone.

So the short of it is that any scene in the past is occurring in an alternate universe because time travel in the quantum realm takes you to an alternate reality not the past of your original reality. Thus you can do whatever you want in that alternate reality past because it affects the future of the alternate reality not the future of the original timeline.

Back to the Future's time travel works differently because they are following the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics which allows for the grandfather paradox because in that interpretation you are not traveling to alternate realities but rather traveling back to the past of your original reality. The fact that paradoxes can exist is one of the reasons that Hugh Everett came up with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which again is the prevailing theory at the moment.


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I should add that none of this is actually clearly explained. Just the most logical explanation that doesn't actually violate the rules established.

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Thirty years ago, I walked out of some random shopping mall with a friend having just seen Tim Burton's Batman. When asked what I thought of the movie I said, "It was pretty cool, but I would be way more impressed with a movie that was all about Joker."

I will literally never understand why this took so long.


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Dora and the Lost City of Gold: good kids movie 6.8/10
: Just Ok- nothing that says "must see". 5/10 It's a set up for a 2nd franchise movie

Angel Has Fallen : Decent plot, good acting & action. 7/10
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Thirty years ago, I walked out of some random shopping mall with a friend having just seen Tim Burton's Batman. When asked what I thought of the movie I said, "It was pretty cool, but I would be way more impressed with a movie that was all about Joker."

I will literally never understand why this took so long.

oh...didn't realize Zazzie Beats was in this movie. She's pretty cute