Saints were trying to trade up


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The Giants were taking D. Smith had he been on the board. Philly knew it. But to your point Pace did talk with Gettleman the morning of.
Right one of many pre-draft agreements. Those usually are among friends. One reason having a Vet GM can come in handy if they do their job well. Beside Trubisky I've been happy with Pace. Fields makes up for Trubisky for me and I'm all for keeping him. Whether it is Nagy helping him or him just getting better with experience his drafts are better the last 3 years. Never will satisfy everyone on this board.


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They brought this up on draft day but they weren’t certain for who and said it might have been for a db. I’m pretty sure they would have gone after a qb
How in God’s name did the Saints not make a move for QB? I love Drew Brees, but the Saints have been a QB away for a few years now. I can certainly see them not sending Brees away but once he retired? Slam dunk need, and major $ savings to boot.

At a reasonable cost, they could have done a Favre to Rodgers handoff.