Second Chance HCs and GMs Win %

Dick Jauron

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Some of these (1 and done) are unfair.

Like Chip Kelly (not a fan) but I think 49ers ownership finally saw Baalke was the problem and not Harbaugh, so they got rid of everyone (GM and HC).

Same for Lovie, he should've been given a third year.


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Didn't study it too closely, but quick glance shows that those who did fairly well/well the first time around generally also did well with their second team. Those that sucked the first time around generally also sucked with their second team.

With that being said.... please no Leslie Frazier.


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Its a solid post. 2nd chance head coaches rarely do something special.

Pederson has some interesting differences. Super bowl title, over .500 win percentage and he wasn't a head coach for a long stint.

He may be the right coach at the right time.

JesusHalasChrist it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
The 2nd chance GM chart isn't encouraging. Only three of them had better records at their second stop.

I'm sticking with "No one knows anything."


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I still like the idea of Rick Smith for the 2nd chance GM. He was very young when he took over that role with the Texans, and he had a bit of a rough start. But, to me, it looked like he really did learn a lot and got a lot better in his role. He eventually also the title and responsibilities of 'Executive Vice President of Football Operations". I think that is key given that the person being hired will now report directly to McCaskey and they will need that extra football operations and business understanding.

When you bring in an experienced GM like Smith that has learned how to build a roster and run things, I think it also frees the organization up a bit on the coaching hire. They still need to nail the head coaching hire, but I think it lets you consider a 1st time head coach a bit more.

I guess what I mean is that I don't want another dumb, forced balancing act with a really young GM that McCaskey thinks needs to be paired with an older, more conservative head coach. I want them to hire a really good GM and trust him to hire the right coach, whatever that means for offense/defense background, 1st time head coach or not, and then to build a roster that can compete and win.


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What’s the numbers for rookie head coaches? Feels like a bit of spin too. Why wouldn’t they include the guys who won a super bowl at their first stop? At first glance it feels like a way to manipulate the numbers. Because those guys are obviously going to have good records. At least you’d figure they would.

If we look up head coach winning percentages for their first gig are we going to exclude the ones who won a super bowl?
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