Sox trade for Cub players

Mr. Jones

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They didn't fully decontaminate Tepera before inserting him in the game tonight against the "Guardians". Gives up the tying HR in his first appearance. I hope Kimbrel doesn't repeat his atrocious debut with the Sox that he did with the Cubs. They need to perform a sage ceremony to get the remnants of the returning Cub curse off them guys before they put on a White Six uniform lol. All kidding aside, this seems like a win now trade and can't blame Hahn for being aggressive. Cubs got a very promising young pitcher in Codi Hauer in return, I wish they would have kept Madrigal tho. It's gonna be interesting and hopefully fun the rest of way.


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I think they just heard that there was a full penetration gang assault going on 20 miles North and showed up. Right? Like fuck it everyone else is!

Its dead? Fuck it some more.
Its heart is ripped out? Fuck it some more.
Its future is mortgaged? Fuck it some more.


Cubs just decided they like being loveable losers more than anything. Ross will have a few jokes on the way out, and they will flirt with being the worst team in baseball for a decade until they realize their shithead owners bought into the ride at the right time and have no idea what they are doing.

More cowardice than the Bears. More in between than the blackhawks.

Those blue fucking morons just fucked their franchise into oblvion for a foreseeable future and can go back to being $5 bleacher seats for dickwad frat boys very soon.