The forth coming CBA


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Oct 31, 2012
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I don't want to come off here as though I'm shining up a turd of situation. So, keep that in mind when reading this. But one of the interesting thoughts I had is that after 2021, the CBA is done. There's been a lot of talk that this CBA fight could be pretty nasty. I don't think either side will be dumb and enough to have another 95. But I think it's quite likely that there will be major changes to the baseball landscape.

There's a concept in business that being lean in times of uncertainty is valuable because it allows you to better react to change.Having said that, the cubs positioning going into 2022 is very lean. They've almost entirely cleared their long term commitments now. The only current contracts past 2021 are Heyward's 2 final years, a team option on Kimbrel who probably will be traded this offseason or in july, the 3 years they control Hendricks and botes pretty reasonable deal. All of that amounts to $39.5M in committed money for 2022.

The main reason this interests me is we have no idea what the new CBA will look like. I mean they might put in a hard salary cap in which case having older players like Darvish making considerable money looks way worse. I've also seen some talk of getting rid of the way rookie contracts work. So rather having 7 years of control of a player it might be something entirely different.If that happens you realistically could be looking at a landscape where these massive FA starting happening more often in which case you want to have the money to go after them.

I don't want to go too deep into what if's here but i think we need to have this as part of the discussion. Ultimately I don't care how much money the team makes or loses but there needs to be some acknowledgment that being responsible with your money can have it's benefits.


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Apr 16, 2013
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San Diego
It will be give and take.

Players most likely will push the DH. Owners will want to take away something in return and so on.

If I am ownership I'm pushing hard cap and a min payroll. Get rid of comp rounds create a even playing field. If a owner can not fund a MLB level payroll then he needs to move, sell or sell part of the team to investors.

The players would not like the cap but getting a league min offsets it where penny pincher owners now have to start paying players vs playing the toss away the hot pocket game.

That is the bane of the sport right now.


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Nov 2, 2018
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I think the NL adds the DH. I'm not sure if a hard cap is wanted and if a payroll minimum goes into effect, the "thriftier" clubs may want to keep the luxury tax they have now. I do think players will push for FA sooner in their careers. 5 years of control probably being the target and settle on 6. The owners may counter with limited length in contracts. I could see a 4 year for a FA with a 6 year for re-signing to benefit teams to keep their own players. I would like to see the elimination of the a team giving up a draft pick to sign FA and just give the losing team compensatory sandwich picks.