The Rebuild Projection : Updated as we go

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What the Sox need Moncada or otherwise is to become THE GUY. The Nationals hit the lottery with Juan Soto.



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What will be the roster that returns to the playoffs?

(summer 2021/22/27?)

1. Tim Anderson SS/CF?/ Elijah Tatis SS (if Tatis were to breakout eventually you could have reason to move TA's defense to OF, and his offense down in the order if age takes his elite wheels...patience and time, for now Tatis is just a potential reinforcement for when Sox should be in full swing, probably ends up traded for pitching like his brother due to timing, and yet another reason not to sign an OFer)
2. Moncada 3B
3. Abreu 1B/DH
4. Robert RF
5. Jimenez LF / 1B / DH
6. Grandall / McCann C
7. Vaughn DH/1B + RF/LF/DH Steel Walker and Rutherford...Lefties
8. Madrigal 2B / Y Sanchez / Elijah Tatis
9. Jay CF / Engel

4th OF / DH / Lefties
Steel Walker RF-LF / Rutherford RF-LF/ Gonzalez maybe one of them can be a year ahead of Vaughn in the time being.

power lefties above stand out in the farm system as the guys you would expect make the next progression with the bat to where they are MLB useful or tradeable soon, imo. With Abreu now in the fold, and Grandall/McCann bats, its less necessary for Vaughn to get here. Vaughn has become a bonus if he pans out as early as it looks like. Robert is gonna be here...its really just the starting pitching staff that worries me but I think you could plug the right veteran between Giolito and Cease and count on one or two more quality starters from Kopech and the rest. I'd love to see Keuchel here for stability.

1. Giolito
2. Free Agency / Rodon
3. Kopech
4. Cease
5. Lopez ? / Free Agency2
6. back-end FA / Nova

Bullpen: Dunning, Hansen, Burdi etc.


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Yolmer released, would have cost something like $6mil through arbitration.
hold the phone....

your telling me they don't have the bank balance or patience to trade a gold glove?

This is exactly like Reinsdorf selling 2nd round pick "Bell" who ended up helping the GSWarriors on both ends for cash considerations.

This goddamn fucking owner. Fuck him. Fuck his teams. Fuck having to deal with this bullshit in a huge market. What a fucking joke piece of shit cheap ass fucking old bastard.

i'm happy to hear Madrigal is that close, but this isn't how you do sports business...this asinine penny pinching total and complete bullshit and I hope his family suffers famine for 10 generations. Mother fucker!