This mock draft from SI has


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In a draft loaded with talent at WR /OT; it would be typically Bears to draft the 1st TE in an awful draft for TE.
our idiot GM, Ryan Pace passing over Kmet

I hope not. I am a little shocked at how many people want to pass on Kmet, & actually try to use Burton as a viable reason to do so. Burton sucks. I DO think Kmet is going to be another Kelce.

I want that kid in a Bears uniform. Hes one of a few examples of a need that is also justified by talent.

When Nagy was first hired after KC lost in the playoffs, in part from not having Kelce healthy, Nagy stated that he never again allow injuries at the TE position to impact game outcomes. Yet the Bears passed on the position in a 2019 class that had pretty solid TE talent.

Nagy & Pace are a couple of Fktards if they pass on Kmet, & I mean Phil Emery & Trestman kind of Fktards.

TE is king in this system, among position players. Right now the Bears have the legend of Jimmy Graham, & a lispy millennial.


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2 CBs with both 2nd round picks is fucking dumb no matter how you slice it.

But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Pace would do this. Lol.

Just some head scratching shit.


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They watch more football than me, but evaluate players worse than me.

Crazy, right?

You also shit on Monty a ton his first couple years calling him bad and below average.

Congratz, you predicted a guy with slow feet would have slow feet in the pros.

If anything Remy is the one who should say he #calledit because he was saying that 40 time didn't mean crap and his agility drills were terrible.

I'll never understand CCS and why they are so emotional in the moment. That 2020 draft this team just came off the worst TE group in their team history. They obviously needed help.

Kmet isn't special, but he's decent. The guy is on pace to do what we all assumed he'd be good for.


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Kmet's production is similar to high first round pick's like Fant and Njokou

He's literally the best TE in his draft class.

No, he's not a dynamic playmaker, but how many are those at TE now?

"He's still developing and could be a slow starter headed into the league, but he has the talent to eventually become a solid starter as a pass-catching in-line tight end with the ability to mismatch from the slot with his size."

Literally a blurb from his scouting profile. He's developing into that guy.

We all hoped he could become gronk, but he's looking more like dallas goedert now. Which, again, I'm fine with. Getting a solid NFL starter who can block well at TE is something this team has severely missed.


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  • Body control and strength as a blocker need work
  • Below-average instincts and angles as move blocker
  • Inefficient and slow getting into block fits
  • Needs to play with earlier inside hands and rolled hips at point of attack
  • Too tall coming off the ball and into his routes
  • Has issues playing through contact within the first five yards
  • Upright into brakes, allowing defenders to read and jump routes
  • Questionable hand strength to secure contested catches
Everything on this list is still true, but he's become a much more complete blocker than ND. I have no doubt he will be a solid guy for this franchise, and prob take a hometown discount too.

Issue is, I didn't notice the hand strength issues in college, but evidently they were an issue. Its showing up in the pros a lot via fumbles and drops. That should be a concentration issue. Hopefully the guy works on that specifically this offseason.