Thomas Jones on Fixing the Offense

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Everyone is saying to run the ball more, even Nagy, till 30 seconds before kickoff and then he just says fuck it we are looking for air miles!


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You've been a bigtime Mitch fan from the beginning. What are your thoughts now?
I honestly loved the whole offense last year except needed more running. No excessive turnovers, running the clock etc. Obviuosly the offense has been total dogshit so far this year, and would love to understand why.

On Trubisky specifically, I am a bit concerned about that shoulder limiting his run game, which it seems they decided not o utilize anyway. I have cringed on a couple of overthrow. But it is not like he had 4 interceptions a fumble and 9 for 30 like Darnold Monday night.
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get trubisky under center, give him the option or running left or right, not the option of run or pass, the choice is always pass. Dont know who to blame. We went thru this same shit with cutler, change the sweep to a screen so he pads stats. It is really not that hard. Somebody needs to light a fire under Leno and Massie.


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What a surprise, people that didn't even play or coach at the college level are talking like a former doesn't know anything.

He does have a point though. Remember Mark Sanchez? A lot of people hated him and thought he was terrible but didn't the Jets go to two AFC championship games with him? Maybe just one? 2008 with Jones the Jets ran the ball and were backed by a great defense. 2009 with Tomlinson who didn't have great numbers. Same thing with the 2005 and 2006 Bears.


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I don't get the whole "We have always done it this way and this is the way it should be done" argument. Should the Bears run the ball more? yes because they suck at passing. Not because they have always run the ball.
To be honest, Thomas Jones comes off pretty meatballish in that tweet. Or he's stuck in 2005.
Gotta see the forest from the trees. You can focus on the this is how the Bears always did it or the actual meat of the argument which is as follows and pretty spot on.

"They NEVER try to establish the run which puts all of the pressure on a young QB who is still learning & trying to figure out who he's going to be in this league," Jones said. "The O line won't get into any rhythm if they don't run block enough & the defense can only hold up for so long."

"Mitch is too young to have all of that pressure on him at once. He's talented but he's not ready yet. You have talented backs & an incredible defense. The O Line just needs to gain confidence run blocking in real-time. They have to establish a running game or things won't change."

"Everyone matures at different times in the NFL. He's not those other guys so comparing him to them isn't going to help them win games right now. Establish a run game & take pressure off of him. Simplify the offense by giving him basic pass plays like we did with Orton in 05."

"It's not a old times sake thing.
It's football. Every winning team establishes some sort of running game. Even if it's running back by committee or a running QB. The more tired a defense is from having to chase & tackle the more mental mistakes they're going to make.

"Which gives you a higher chance to win the game. When you run the ball you can take more chances throwing the ball downfield, running specialty plays such as screens and reverses. The defense can't just lay their ears back because they know they can get gashed at any time."

I am not seeing anything meatballish in the above. What I see is a guy who understands the limitations of a young QB. Nagy by contrast seems to think he has Watson or Mahomes at QB. Those guys have put it together faster than Mitch. So Nagy can call plays pretending Mitch is as advanced as those guys. Or he can live in reality and call plays that is going to help us win with a struggling young QB.


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The fascination this board has with running the ball is incredible to me. I'm starting to believe we're watching 2 different games on Sunday. The offensive line is actually horrendous, and the lead back we have has shown thus far to be incapable of being anything but slow and indecisive.

You guys really want to commit to a 2 ypc gameplan? We'll just lose even worse than we already do.