Thoughts for Bears ownership


  • Bears fans are not stupid.
  • Why would the board of directors fire the chairman of the board if most of them are his relatives?
  • Don't criticize fans for yelling at high school football games. It may not be right but you should apologize for making the unpopular decision to extend an unsuccessful head coach because he has great collaboration skills.
  • Take some responsibility for poor decision making during the last 25 years or so.
  • Watch and listen to former players on tv, radio, internet, etc. You may learn something. When they say things like Nagy being Nagy you better find out what this means.
  • When you have a coach that keeps saying we need to look at the tape and find out the whys-give a deadline. You have 3 weeks to figure this out or you are gone. Also if you ever say that again in a press conference, you are out of here.
  • This organization has lost all credibility. If you don't get the new hires right, it may take several years before the Bears organization has any credibility in the NFL.
  • Please explain the benefit of not firing a head coach during the season. Do you really want a head coach calling 3 passing plays on 4th and short during a game. The last game of this season was an embarrassment to this organization and to anyone who calls themselves a Bears fan.


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Do they read this forum?

What am I missing.

Which one of you is Virginia... Fess up!


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For this team to become relevant again in the near future the 'troika' (Phillips, McCaskey an Polian)must get lucky and stumble on GM and HC. There nothing is changing for the better, the GM reporting directly to George instead of Ted is a joke. Neither, except for Polian is a talent evaluator, All of those names mentioned are not 'top shelf' candidates largely because McCaskey's wont spend enough money to get them. As I have mentioned this while back there are lots of fools who believe George will spend to get the best... BS. He never did, and never will as long the money flows... George could easily move himself in to the background, hire a football man who oversee/collaborate with GM, and move Teddy into bean counting operation only.. He didn't do it because it cost more money... For them, the one and only goal is to squeeze most profit. I'm convinced if George knew how to use abacus he would ditch Teddy in to the curb just to save a buck.
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starting to think "I trust Ted" is code for Ted Phillips is blackmailing the entire McCaskey clan. wtf has Ted done to improve the football played by the Chicago Bears?


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starting to think "I trust Ted" is code for Ted Phillips is blackmailing the entire McCaskey clan. wtf has Ted done to improve the football played by the Chicago Bears?

Nothing, but he handles literally everything else for that family that can barely tie their own shoes.


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The most absurd part to me was when McCaskey said Ted Phillips will no longer be involved in football operations, but later said Phillips would be part of the committee to pick the coach and GM. Does this clown really not understand that such a role falls under football operations!