Time for Kane/Toews accept fate


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Aug 25, 2012
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Bob, this isn't rocket science man. He's literally complained about about every major move that Davidson has made thus far (Hagel, Debrincat, Dach), has spoken out against a rebuild, has made absolutely zero mention about being a mentor during the rebuild, etc.

I thought you were living in Florida currently for some reason. I watch all the post-game interviews live after every game I watch, which is about 90% of them. If you expect me to remember and/or find every little snippet of every post-game where he's expressed this sentiment (direction of the team), that's both ludicrous but more importantly, unnecessary, because you know it's true and it's subjective anyways.

For example, Toews even complained when Bowman of all people was let go. Now, I consider that a part of his past grievances (i.e. the beginning of), but you probably don't. Point being, within the past 2 years at least, the guy has made it clear he doesn't like the direction of this organization and doesn't like the idea of a rebuild at all.

He's been bitching about the idea of a rebuild for at least the last 2 years now:

And just like with Debrincat, Dach, and Hagel, he complained when players like Crawford and Saad were jettisoned too:

Come on man, you know this. I've cut him slack this entire time -- like you -- but at this point, enough is enough for me. This team is rebuilding. It needs to rebuild. I know it sucks for him to lose his friends and not be on a winning team, but he's had at least 2 years to process that. This is what happens during a rebuild; instead of complaining about every move that Davidson/the organization makes, I'd just once like to hear him express at least some interest in being a mentor instead.