Time to end the Colliton experiment...


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I can remember saying .500(w/o JT and Dach) was a possibility IF one of the young tenders seized the reigns and Lankinen seems to have done that. I can also remember saying that another year right around .500 would be the same 'no-man's land' we've seen the last two years.
Lankinen is indeed a positive on this season and Hagel looks like a game in,game out player who should only get better.
Suter and Kurashev also look like they belong in the league but where in a good lineup would they slot?
The young D-men have been okay seeing their lack of experience but none have broken through so far IMO.......this doesn't mean that most of em won't.
I've enjoyed a competitive team too and some W's have helped me through a less than enjoyable time in my life but we seem to be back to where we started and another mid-round pick isn't what the doctor ordered.
Just missing the PO's this year will be a set back but set backs have become common place.


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Colliton can hang around...teams not there yet, let him fumble around until it's more complete.

I agree with this. Believe me, no one hated the Q firing/Colliton hire more than me when it happened. It still pisses me off when I think about it, but what's done is done. As far as Colliton specifically goes, I don't hate him as much as I used to -- I do think he's getting somewhat better, as far as his maturation as a coach and gaining respect in the room. I do think he knows his hockey, he's a smart guy. There are still things he does that irk me and I feel like he gets too cute at times, especially with his line combos, but at least he's showing some fire behind the bench now; he isn't smirking in every interview.

In all honesty, Colliton isn't really the problem right now in my view. If he was the coach of a team that was playoff-ready now, then I would be up-in-arms over him and would want a better alternative; but he won't make or break this rebuild -- Bowman will do that. I've liked what I've seen from Bowman recently, but it's too early to say right now, obviously.
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First.....Detroit is the second oldest team in the league. They are loaded with veterans. Chicago is a team that nobody and I mean NOBODY thought they would be where they are. So JC has a very young team that's rebuilding and playing over their head....yet, he's doing a bad job? And you got a coach in Detroit with a team of veterans that finally decide to start playing with 75% of the season burned off.....and he's doing a good job?

This team is NOT a contender. You do realize the Hawks sent this letter out, don't you? They are as surprised as we are....while I don't think JC is a HOF coach by any stretch, the veterans here have bought into him and the young players play for him. There's something to be said for that.

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I completely agree. Naysayers on this forum continue in spite of the success u noted above (and tonight's impressive 3rd period come-from-behind win) to defend their preseason predictions that this team with this coach and this GM were going nowhere this season. And that was before we found out about Dach and Toews. Kudos to those who acknowledge how well this season has panned out. Sure, we need a big forward or two who can muscle and score and another solid blue liner, but IMHO we've solved our goalie problem, Zadorov is the beast we've needed in our own end, and the youngsters will only get better.