Trubisky places 6th in interceptions


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Cant throw interceptions when you overthrow everyone.
Take a look at the list of leaders and you'll understand why I've always said INTs are overrated and why I mind them less than others. Problem with Mitch is that he's not throwing 'good' ints, enough TDs or getting the reward out of the risk/reward throws to compensate for his INTs.

What bothers me more is that he hasn't learned to do things like knowing when to throw it away outside the tackle box to avoid yardage loss and hits. 3rd year and he still hasn't conceptualized the position.
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Not hard to be low on interception numbers when the offense only runs 3 plays every drive and then punts. Honestly, I'd even be willing to deal with a few more interceptions if they weren't the game changing pick-6 kind or deep in our own territory if it came with an increase in completions of 20+ yards or more. We get a couple glimpses of what those types of completions might look like against a really bad defense in Detroit but we have yet to even see a glimpse against any good defense this year.


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Not surprising, Mitch in 2019 takes very safe pass options. It comes at the cost of production, he's also #28 in TDs, #27 in 1st downs, #39 in Y/A. It's also a big part of why his completion % is so high - on 3rd &9 the defense is happy to let you complete a 4 yard pass. Mitch has been extremely risk adverse, Nagy has also called games extremely risk adverse, so it's no surprise that the number of high risk outcomes are very low. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, protecting the ball is always good, but the difference is the QBs ahead of Mitch are able to keep the Ints down, while still being top 10 in production as well.