Watching The Concacaf


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The depth of the real champions league prunes out by the round of 8...everybody left is legit. Mostly its there by 16, but a couple lemons sneak into 16.

If an MLS team can win a semi-final match I will be impressed somewhat. Columbus and Toronto have some legit players. The North American game is fun to watch and not as stagnant as Europe right now with the fusbol set-it and forget it strategy of falling into shapes to defend while playing too many games.

I believe if they played less games we could see more teams willing to run in Europe. That style of defense is as much about atrition and lasting a season as it is about effectiveness. I think it still pays to be bold and attack relentlessly at the world cup level...but all these guys learn this conservation from the elite club level and think that is the best and only way.

I've come to believe it isn't about effectiveness.