Week 1: Random thoughts between bong rips


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  • If the NFL could stop scheduling the Bears in season opening prime time games vs the Packers it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Glad to see the D pick up where they left off last season and kill that annoying narrative of regressing due to Vic leaving.

  • Did someone slip Nagy some edibles? Terrible game plan, totally out coached by Pettine. Will be interesting to see how he responds this week against Vic.

  • Listening to Collinsworth suck Rodgers' dick for 4 hours is legit torture. Dude isn't on the field and he can't stop talking about him. WE GET IT CRIS.

  • It's funny how many delay of games the refs let slide for Rodgers before they actually call one. Bears get instantly called tho. Funny how that works.

  • Almost had a stroke when they actually called a hold on the Packers.

  • Adam Shaheen. Seems like every time this guy has an opportunity to make a big play he finds a new way to fuck it up.

  • ARob, what a beast. Was nice to see that at least one player on offense bothered to show up last night.

  • What's with Mitch's hat from his post game presser? Is that his own personal brand? If so he might want to stop wearing it until he stops sucking dick out there. On the bright side if he plays like that all year I guess we won't have to worry about that big contract.

  • Curious to see how long it takes Nagy to figure out the teams "identity" shouldn't revolve around cute gadget plays and having Mitch drop back 53 times a game.

  • Should be easy for me to trade for Montgomery in my money league now. Once Nagy wises up and realizes the offense should be running thru him and using the run to open up his passing game it'll be too late.


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I took a few hits last nite, and went into a hysterical laughter when they called the holding as well.....Ive never seen Bhakiari called for a hold b4 and I was legitimately stunned lmao


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That's a lot of bongs hits bro maybe time to upgrade


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I just watched the presser. I think you're right. He's got an 'MT' hat on. Might wanna hold off on that until you don't suck.