Well, I'm not saying I'm for Harbaugh, but....


N.eg it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
The McCaskeys and Harbaugh would never mesh. Isn’t that why he was ran out of SF? Essentially wore out his welcome and was an asshat?

There was a rumor that one time when Jed York, CEO and heir of the 49ers, entered a meeting room Harbaugh said "This meeting is for men only" and asked him to leave.
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Meanwhile we have some people who thinks a 44-19 head coach won't be an improvement over Matt freaking Nagy

There are some fair questions.

How much of that record was harbaugh and how much of it was Greg Roman, and how much of it was the defense.

There are also people concerned about his temperament.

However the mccaskey's do indeed hold him in high regard. However to prevent another situation from happening like what happened in San Francisco, the word on him has been that he wants a Bill belichick-like role in whatever NFL organization he goes to, where he essentially has the final say, and has his guy picking out the players he needs.

To that end, I know a lot of people give DaBearsBlog a ton of crap and have been dunking on him ever since he got his head over his skis on the Allen Robinson contract extension, but he's also been right in the past before.

He put out something this morning that I found very curious. He wasn't claiming that this would happen, but how he put it made me think that perhaps this is one of those things he put out there because he had heard some things that he can't completely verify yet, but putting it out in this manner will in his own eyes make him look like the smartest guy in the room and give him more credibility if it does pan out. It's a seven tweet thread and here we go with it:

He later said the only problem is these colleges can pay their coaches a near unlimited amount of money because of the money they get from their TV deals.