What should the Chicago Bulls do with Coby White?


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Mar 17, 2014
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This whole scenario is complete Deja Vu and I wonder if a lot of you that want to hold onto Coby subconsciously worry that the similarities to this and the Jamal Crawford trade has anything to do with it. I used to hear all the time on the old ESPN forums on how they wish we had kept Crawford or we should have gotten better in return. Both of their first three years are eerily similar.
I don’t necessarily want to hold onto him. My stance is don’t dump a 22 year old 39% 3 point shooter for a 2nd rounder when the team needs shooting. He’s on a cheap contract too. If Bulls can’t get a 1st rounder or a meaningful rotation player, trading him is pointless, IMO. Bulls just need to use him as strictly a spot up shooter and don’t have him run any offense. He does seriously need to improve defensively though and management needs to hammer that point down and have him work on defensive drills all off-season and forget the PG angle