Will Nagy Use 2 QB Formations

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Ya know what I take from this vid.......DeBartolo talking about winning a SB even if it meant dumping a Bill Walsh
Yeah IIRC, in the full version, they go on to talk about switching up QBs every game until finally the assistant coaches come together and say "Enough!!"
No...I caught the 9'ers. 2 Qb dilemma / controversy and the "switching up QBs". Dallas tried that with Staubach & Morton under Tom Laundry. Yeah....I saw the full Bill Walsh version about a year ago.

But a larger point IMO that's missed is how serious DeBartolo was about winning. I compare his attitude vs. our Bear ownership and it's like night & day.

Listen @1:30 to around 2:22. Winning superseded ALL with the 9'ers. That frustrates me about us. We used to have that attitude.