With Harden now traded what does Lavine go for and to who?

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Watched an inside the chicago bulls video the other day and apparently hes not happy here. He's looking to be an all-star (which is good) and wants to be paid accordingly and apparently both sides walked away from a 3 year 70+ million dollar offer in the off-season.

With the superstar free agent well gone dry this team is still in a rebuild mode. We dont have a DRose where we can spend on other, lesser players to surround our MVP with.

I still like getting fox if at all possible even if we have to give up more than Lavine but I think Denver is the perfect spot for all parties.

MPJ is in the doghouse with their coach anyway.

Lavine isnt a #1 or and #2 but in Denver the Joker is unselfish enough to sacrifice points and let LaVine be the #2 in that option behind Murray.

Bulls can go small playing and interchanging MPJ and Williams and the 3 and 4, trade Lauri in the near future. Let White and Porter hoist shots and let Williams come along. Maybe even trade Carter before the draft. Again this team is in a rebuild whether or not it wants to be. If you can have our pick, Denvers pick, and some other teams first round pick next draft you can get whoever you want or get a couple of whoever you want depending on where we end up in the lottery.

I dont think either Williams or MPJ is a true PF or a stretch 4 but they are an offensive mismatch playing at the position and I like Williams defense and bounce enough for him to be adequate on the defensive end there and grab more than his share of rebounds.

Throw in one of mobley, cunningham or the PG at Gonzaga (brain fart on his name right now) with our lottery pick, hopefully and package the other picks to move in to the middle of the draft if the picks arent there already and get another player and go from there.

I'm all in on mobley because I'm not all in on Carter or Lauri. If I were then I would be all in on one of the two top PG's. So ideally take Mobely first pick and trade up for a PG in the middle of the draft.

We arent going anywhere with that trio in Brooklyn and with that Freak in Mil so build around the idea of those teams especially the Brooklyn team getting older and worse and plan to take over the East at that point.


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OKC has literally the draft rights to the next 3 NBA drafts, ...might include them 3-way to see what you can spring loose, might HAVE to include them.