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Slick Willy / Leo , you might think that you have no friends, but alas, we are all friends here. We might have disagreements, but this is a safe place.
I am a PhD specializing in disorders like yours and am a bit embarrassed to indulge in the banter we engaged in previously. Would be happy to discuss your challenges free of charge. No more ridicule from me moving forward.
So the self anointed “Dr.” spends time on a message board negging a person 28 times because he can’t handle the fact that he is a fraud and can’t handle the truth that he is a psychotic bastard that has lost his mind thinking someone has an alt. Neg away dumb fuck, it means nothing. By all means please neg every one of my posts. It’s the best thing you have going for you.
He's also thankbanging bearsbud. What kind of loser does that lmfao 😂
Slick Willy / Leomaz - you have and your alt hope Have a nice life together. #Blessed found your alt.
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