Frasor Given Back to Toronto

Earlier today the official White Sox twitter broke the story that Frasor was traded back to the Toronto Blue Jays for two pitching prospects. Both prospects are young, but seem to have bright futures especially considering how well the White Sox minor league system is for pitchers. There are many different opinions on this trade, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

One opinion is that Teahen and Jackson, who were traded the year before for Frasor and a prospect, were traded for three pitching prospects. That doesn’t really match their worth, but fans forget how bad Jackson was playing and how consuming Teahen’s contract was. I know that I don’t agree with this opinion.

Another opinion is that this was a good move because Frasor wasn’t very good for the Sox and the Sox needed some more prospects. He wasn’t worth not getting those prospects. I don’t completely agree with this theory. I agree that Frasor was never good, but he had a very short time to prove himself. Who knows if these prospects will be good?

The final opinion is that Kenny Williams is going crazy because he keeps trading players for pitching prospects. Santos for a pitching prospect, Quentin for two pitching prospects, and Frasor for two pitching prospects. I like that the Sox are getting prospects, but why are they getting so many pitchers? This doesn’t really make sense.

I think fans will have to wait until the season to see if this trade pays off. I’m not sure how it will go down. Jackson wasn’t above average in St. Louis and Teahen has done nothing. I can see in a couple years this being a huge win, but I can also see it being just another mediocre trade.

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