Getting to Know Nebraska CB Lazzari Middleton

Joining us today is University of Nebraska CB, Lazzari Middleton

PH: What made you choose Nebraska over all other schools that were recruiting you?

LM:  One of the reasons I chose Nebraska was that the tradition that was upheld in the past is similar to the tradition of my high school, Long Beach Poly. Another main reason was the sense of family and the dedication of everyone to work hard to achieve a common goal.

PH: Who was the best player you faced off against in college? What made it so difficult?

LM:  I can’t just say one player, but I can honestly say that the best two have been in practice against Niles Paul and Brandon Kinnie. They are both just real big and physical goes and if you miss a day in the weight room they will take advantage of it.

PH: What do you think of Nebraska’s move to the Big Ten next year?

LM: I think it gives us an opportunity to compete with teams with similar tradition and background. As well as, build new traditions and help contribute to the success of that conference.

PH: How far can this team go this year? How far do you expect to do?

LM:  The sky is the limit in my eyes. They only thing that can stop us is ourselves. If we come out and play the way we are taught by our coaches every time we lace up our cleats, then we will be one tough team to beat.

PH: What is it like facing off against T-Magic (Taylor Martinez) every day in practice? Just how fast is he?

LM:  T-Magic is simply a great athlete. He runs just as well in practice as he does in games. Its fun practicing against a guy like him in practice because it challenges us as a defense to be extra disciplined and more attentive to detail and makes practice that much more competitive.

PH: Which remaining game are you most looking forward to this year?

LM: I don’t think I have a specific game that I am looking forward to more than another. It’s about take each day one day at a time as Coach Bo says and that’s how i feel as well.

PH: What are your thoughts on the Texas game? What challenges do they present offensively and defensively?

LM: They are a very good team with a lot of great athletes who are big, fast, and physical. It poses a great challenge for us as a team and we are preparing vigorously to face that challenge on Saturday.

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