Goose Island Brewpubs (part 1)

The Goose Island brewery has been happily chugging away in Chicago for about 25 years now, and their Wrigleyville location has been slinging suds for almost 15.  With its close proximity to Wrigley Field and its reputation for great beer, Goose Island Wrigleyville is a great place to stop for a few beers.

The brewpub is enormous.  Upon walking in, you’ll see the bar (your most likely destination) to the far right and then a sprawling seating area with a stage for live entertainment toward the back.  There’s even a beer garden if you’re not afraid of the recent heat waves.

After settling in at the corner of the bar I decided to go with a local favorite, the Cubby Blueberry.  Generally, I’m a sucker for fruit beers.  Not necessarily because I like to drink them, but because I like to see how far a brewer is willing to test fate when adding fruit.  To see if they’ve created something refreshing, or a Frankenstein’s monster-type disaster.  It’s a little like taste bud roulette.

I was fairly impressed with the Cubby Blueberry, though.  They didn’t overdo the fruit and it does end fairly subtle and refreshing.  Well done, Goose Island.

Also, while you’re there, take advantage of their great Belgian style beers that you would normally find in 22oz bottles, but can enjoy on tap.  The Matilda is as delicious as ever fresh out of the keg, and the Juliet’s sourness doesn’t mellow in the least.

Stop in before your next Cubs game.  Or, if you’re like me, just forget the Cubs game and stay at the bar.  It’s a lot easier to drown your Cubs-related sorrows that way.

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