What is a Gumpy Jox? Well message boards in general carry a wide range of characters. Sports forums are no exception, bringing out wild debates, endless head scratching and the true colors of so many fans.

Do you know any of the Gumpy Jox’s?

(The Jox will be updated with new characters regularly)



The Faptastic is always horny after his team scores, and wastes no time letting everyone in the world know about it. After hours of a sporting event, Faptastic disappears for ten minutes at a time, cleaning their mess up during commercials. They sometimes share traits with Commentat0r, which begs for quick bans because the WTFPolice will go crazy if they have to listen to Faptastic go off yet another time about their genitalia. Faptastic is not limited to men, and might be more commonly found in women who love watching athletic men sweat. The Faptastic is the first person to ask a complete stranger to be their facebook friend and is the sure-most expert on removing viruses from computers.


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