Halos top White Sox

Just one of those nights.  That has been a common phrase amongst Sox fans this year.  Tonight was no different then most nights as John Danks was excellent, but the offense wasn’t there.

Joe Saunders went 7 2/3 innings against the Sox tonight.  Saunders was brilliant as he gave up only 1 runs on 4 hits.

The Sox had the lead to start the game as Carlos Quentin hit a long fly ball to left field which scored Paulie.  That would be the last of the scoring for awhile.

Torii Hunter gave the Halos a 2-1 lead in the 4th as he took one over the fence. In the 8th Juan Rivera scored on the throwing error by Jayson Nix.

The Sox tried to get back into in the bottom of the 9th as paul Konerko connected with one that made the game 3-2.  It was Paulie’s 14 th home run on the season.  A.J. singled and was eventually pinch ran for by Vizquel.  However, Alexei ramirez ended the game as Fuentes blew a 90mph fast ball right by him to end the game.

Another Sox starter had a loss taken away from them due to lack of offense.  Danks went 7 2/3 innings as well and gave up 2 runs on only 3 hits.

The Sox have one more game against the Halos before taking on the Marlins starting Friday.

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