The Hug Heard ’round the World

So by now you have probably heard about it, but yesterday during batting practice Jim Hendry and Albert Pujols embraced.  The two have a history, but that’s really not what makes this the hug heard ’round the world.

Here are the reason’s this hug is a bigger story than any hug I can ever remember before:

1.  The Cubs need a 1B next year

2.  Albert Pujols is a free agent next year.

That’s it.  Those are the only reasons this is a big deal.  Did Hendry and Pujols hug last year?  Maybe.  I am not sure it wasn’t reported on.  Maybe they hugged every year hell I don’t know.  I don’t follow them both around.  If Pujols had signed a deal back in the spring this probably wouldn’t be reported on either.  If the Cubs had a long term first baseman this wouldn’t be reported on Mike and Mike in the morning as if it were the biggest story in years.

So this means that Pujols is on the Cubs next year right?  Right?

I mean why else would they hug?  Did Hendry slip him a blank check in his back pocket?

Let’s not be ridiculous.  Let’s not read into this any more than what it was.  It’s two professionals with a past greeting each other with a hug.  The Cubs are no closer to getting Pujols today than they were a week ago.

Even though this means nothing, lets hope their good relationship does result in something.  I mean lets be honest Pujols does look pretty good in Cubbie Blue.

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