How it felt when the White Sox swept the Yankees

For the first time since June 10th, the White Sox (43-69) have won three straight games, also making it the Southsiders’ first sweep since May 24-26 against the Miami Marlins. But this time, they swept a team above Marlins-level. That’s right, bow down New York Yankees (well for now at least)!

After ending last night’s game in an exciting walk-off triple from Alejandro De Aza in the twelfth inning, the White Sox had a lot to celebrate–like not losing!


And really, in this memorable moment of a rather forgettable 2013 season, everyone needs to celebrate a little.

But really, let’s break it down for the black & white.

Break. It. DOWN.

Get crazy.

Get wild.

If we can’t celebrate and bask in the glory now, when else do you think we’ll get the chance? Because this is what we’ve looked like all season, watching the games on TV. . . listening to Hawk Harrelson sink in to sportscaster depression. . .

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Your friends ask you how the season’s been going, and you just want to change the subject.

Let’s be real. This season has been frustrating.

The Ultimate Collection Of Will Ferrell Reaction GIFs

But it’s all okay now. Because we’ve finally swept someone who is average or above our level!


Break it down like you have no idea how below .500 we are.


Feels good, right?

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And then A-Rod was all like “I want to play baseball and win again!” And we were all like, “GO BACK IN YOUR BOX!”


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Welcome back to the people who went on a two month hiatus, pretending they’ve been following all along (it’s okay, we still love you).

Of course, some fans will still say they’re unimpressed with the Sox this season. But at the end of this series, how could ya not at least give the boys a hand?

But it’s okay! Who cares? THE WHITE SOX WERE ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD THIS WEEK! Let’s celebrate while we can, Southsiders!



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  • August 9, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    Ha ha, perfect! But your bro would have something to say about it!

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