Interview with Alex Tanney, Monmouth’s Trick-Shot Quarterback

If you haven’t already heard of Alex Tanney, you’re about to. Alex Tanney is the Quarterback from Monmouth college, a Division-III program in Illinois. You may have seen UCONN’s Johnny McEntee trick-shot quarterback video on Youtube because, it has over 4.8 million views. Alex Tanney of Monmouth college decided to do his own take on the video.

Tanney won the Melberger Award in 2009, along with the Gagliardi trophy, it is among one of the highest accolades a D3 player can achieve. Check out his NFL Draft Scout profile here.

In the coming weeks, he will become more known for his video on Youtube. Alex was kind enough to take some time to discuss his video with us.

CCS: Describe the making of the Trick Shot Video for us if you can? How much work and video footage did it take to nail some of those tough shots?

Alex Tanney: One of my friends posted the Johnny Mac video on my Facebook. My buddies and I were sitting around later that day talking about how we thought we could make one better. We started shooting some shots just kind of messing around and each day we got more serious.

It took us 5 days or so just shooting video for about an hour a night using a small cheap $100 flip camera one of my teammates had.

CCS: Did you always do “Trick Shot QB” stuff? Or did you see what you could do after watching the UCONN QB’s video on Youtube?

Alex Tanney: In the off season I always like tossing shots into the basketball hoops in the Huff Center, but never to a point where I was creatively brainstorming for shots to try.

CCS: As it stands your video has over 12,000 hits on Youtube. If it winds up getting more views then the “other” Trick Shot QB Video from UCONN, will you rank that accolade up there with winning the Melberger award in 2009?

Alex Tanney: We never thought it would take off like it did. It was crazy to see how fast it spread throughout the internet. We posted it late on Sunday night and it was on ESPN SportsNation by 3 the next day.

If it gets more hits than the other video that would be great, but it wasn’t anything we planned for. It wouldn’t rank too high on any of my lists. The Melberger meant a lot because that award was a team award in my opinion. We had a great year and that award came with the success of the team.

CCS: Any shout outs to those who helped you along your way in creating the video?

Alex Tanney: Gotta give a shout out to quite a few of my guys actually. Wellsy for calling me out to make a video. Vinnie Miles for producing it. Then teammates Spencer Brown, Garrett Youngren, Rod Ojong, Adam Hoste, Fletcher Morgan, Austin Peterson, David Milroy, Corey Bishop, Steve Clark, and Matthew Shepherd for helping me out.

We want to personally thank Alex Tanney and those who helped in the creation of the video.

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