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Check out this interview we had with TheHobbyTalk.Com. TheHobbyTalk is a great Sports Cards & Hobby community. If you enjoy discussing, selling, or trading Sports cards, this is the spot for you. I had the opportunity to get more info about the site in a discussion with mmbtvs, who is an administrator on the site.

Can you explain to us what exactly your website encompasses, what is your goal?

TheHobbyTalk in it’s current form is a place for people to talk sports cards. We have a tremendous area for group breaks, and a buy/sell/trade area that is growing ever so steadily in it’s momentum. The thing that most differentiates us from other forums is the freedom that we grant our members. We really try to let everyone open up and allow everyone to be themselves. Ultimately we plan to be the only place you’ll ever need for your sports cards needs, including what we already offer and then selling product at competetive prices on top of that. We have very big goals and the possibilities of what we may be able to offer the community are endless.

When did you start the site up? TheHobbyTalk was born on February 9th, 2011. We may be a new site, but we are mature beyond our years in hobby experience from our members, and we plan to be around for many years to come.

Where did you get the idea to start your website? The starting partners of the site started out on a different hobby site and we were not happy with the way that site was presenting itself. It was an idea that we had all kicked around independently of each other that it would be great to have a site that we could be a part of that would do things the right way. One day we happened to have a conversation about it and the pieces of the puzzle just so happened to fix in together perfectly so that we could all bring something to the table and get us kick started in the right way, allowing us to have a tremendous start.

What would you say the pros are of your site? The cons?

The pros of the site include the freedom that we allow our members. The dedication of our members is tremendous. So many of them really think of our young site as a home already. There is a tremendous effort on many of their parts to help make the site the best that it can be. The cons really all surround our newness. We are learning and growing and have to adjust to things that we did not expect or have not delt with in the past. We try to conquer these obstacles and learn from them.

Do you have any important or big upcoming plans for the site in the near future?

We are currently working on a process that will allow us to offer product to our community. We look at this as a huge step in reaching towards our ultimate goals. We take this very seriously as perhaps being our biggest step forward of all besides our birth, and we hope to be able to do it as well as anyone else, and with tremendous value.

We’ve discussed the site, tell us about you, hobbies, etc.

Myself personally have been collecting cards off and on since 1989, and permanently since 2005. The other partners are tremendous individuals in and of themselves. One of the great things about us is that we came from all over to make this happen. The 4 partners are from North Dakota, Louisiana, California, and Connecticut. We cover the country from East to West and North to South.

Any users, readers you want to shout out from your site? I would hate to leave anyone out specifically when we have so many tremendous members. The one person I would like to mention is Rush, for taking the time to offer me the opportunity to do this interview, and for his assistance in getting TheHobbyTalk going in the right direction. You are a gentleman, and a scholar sir.

Most importantly, the main shout out I have is for all of us. Please give us a chance, and be part of what we hope to be the biggest thing to happen to sportscards since autographs. You can check us out at, and please visit our forum and say hello.

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