Jay Cutler and the Bears are featured on this week’s cover of Sports Illustrated. Bear fans are jumping at the opportunity to purchase the magazine and have it framed.

I wouldn’t mind having a framed issue for my Bears-cave to tell the truth. However the story isn’t about the Bears being on the cover, the story is will the Bears being on the cover cause them to be jinxed this Sunday.

jay cutler chicago bears on sports illustrated 2011

There is an extensive list of examples of how the Sports Illustrated cover has “jinxed” athletes and their teams. You can check that out here.

Luckily Chicago has two major deterrants from being another statistics in the Sports Illustrated cover jinx theory.

  1. Michael Jordan appeared on the cover 49 times (an SI record) and that didn’t hinder his success.
  2. It’s a cover jinx. Really? It’s laughable this is even grounds for discussion. I say that in hopes that it doesn’t jinx the Bears.

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