Jay Cutler in Bane Mask, From The Dark Knight Rises

Discussion of The Dark Knight Rises movie has been all over our message board. While going on and on about how awesome the movie was, I began to realize just how awesome Bane, the major villian, from the movie is.

Being that we’re on the internet, I suddenly got an idea. What if I photoshopped the Bane Mask….on none other than Jay Cutler. So here we are. Check out this glorious wonder that photoshop regurgitated onto the internet.

In the process, I also threw together a quick bane mask template for others who wish to do similar photoshops. Crappy photoshop job? Yes. However, it’s much less noticeable when you photoshop it on a quarterback with a lazer rocket for an arm.

Also for your viewing pleasure…..we have this for you as well….

This picture is very relevant. If you were expecting anything besides Cutler in a Bane Mask, you are seriously mistaken. 


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