Jeff Samardzija Great, Offense Horrible: Braves 5, Cubs 1

The Chicago Cubs forgot to bring their bats to the game once again, losing to the Atlanta Braves 5-1. The Cubs were also swept by the Braves on the 3-game series. Jeff Samardzija was great, but did suffer his 1st lost of the season and the home plate umpire didn’t help his much. The Cubs are now 2-4 on the season and are happy to finally play a game at Wrigley Field.

Winnings pitcher: Tim Hudson (1-0)
Losing pitcher: Jeff Samardzija (1-1)
Save: None

Scoring plays:
Cubs 1st inning: Anthony Rizzo hits an rbi-groundout to the 1B, driving home David DeJesus – Cubs 1, Braves 0.
Braves 5th inning: Jeff Samardzija throws a wild pitch, Ramiro Pena scored from thrid – Cubs 1, Braves 1.
Braves 6th inning: Ramiro Pena hits an 2-run single to Nate Schierholtz, driving home Dan Uggla and Ben Francisco – Cubs 1, Braves 3.
Braves 6th inning: Tim Hudson hits an rbi-single to Nate Schierholtz, driving home Chris Johnson – Cubs 1, Braves 4.
Braves 8th inning: Dan Uggla hits a sole home run to center field – Cubs 1, Braves 5.
Final Score: Braves 5, Cubs 1. 

The good: Jeff Samardzija struck out 13 batters in less than 6 innings and looked great early on. However, when the 6th inning game, everything went downhill. The game was tied 1-1, but before the inning ended, the score was 4-1. The umpire didn’t help much and Samardzija was getting squeezed very bad. Also, umpires have to know when a player gets hit, that was just an awful call and after that is when the Braves scored the winning runs.

The bad: The home plate umpire was horrible. He had the smallest strike zone and squeezed Samardzija all afternoon long. Plus, he said Chris Johnson was hit by Samardzija and he obvious wasn’t. I’m not saying the Braves wouldn’t of scored that inning, but you never know. Samardzija was frustrated after that and lost all composure.

The ugly: The offense was horrible once again and all season long for that matter. Were only able to manufacture 5 hits, left 7 players on base and o-4 with runners in scoring position. The one run speaks for its self.

Note: The Cubs officially anounced that Carlos Marmol is out as closer and Kyuji Fujikawa is the new closer before today’s game.

Tomorrow is the Cubs home opener at Wrigley Field and the Cubs hope their at-bats will be better then on the 2st roadtrip of the season. Edwin Jackson will make the start for the Cubs and Marco Estrada for the Milwaukee Brewers. The game starts ay 1:20 p.m. central and can be seen on WGN and heard on WGN 720. I’ll be at the game and so excited! Go Cubs!

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