Dave Kaplan is reporting via twitter right now that Cub General Manager has been fired. Hendry was under contract through the 2012 season, however the Cubs management has deemed his time has ran up. Assistant GM Randy Bush will replace Hendry as the Cubs GM for the remainder of the season.

No one knows as of yet the exact grounds of termination, however this is most certainly a surprise after Bob Nightengale reported that Hendry was given the nod of approval from Cub owner Tom Ricketts. The firing could spawn a series of additional firings, including (but certainly not limited to) aforementioned interim GM Randy Bush, manager Mike Quade, and pitching coach Mark Riggins.

Hendry has certainly become the ire of Cub fans, culminating in his passive approach to the trade deadline while the Cubs were some twenty games below .500. The Cubs had several desirable pieces for other clubs, but Hendry deemed them untouchable. In addition, Hendry’s flaws have come with his inability to sign veteran free agents to club-favorable deals.

Hendry has been able to find solid talent in the later rounds of the amateur draft, however his reputation for not finding elite talent at the top of the draft has been one of many flaws as a Cub general manager.




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