Joakim Noah, 7th best center

Kelly Dwyer has finished his top 30 positional rankings, and Joakim Noah comes in as the 7th best center.

7. Joakim Noah(notes), Chicago Bulls (last year: 15th)

Though his fiery personality and, um, unconventional offseason habits are the Houston forward’s polar opposite, Noah almost reminds of a 7-foot version of Shane Battier. The ultimate teammate, Noah is constantly barking out the opposing team’s play, his position on the help defense side and he’s the first to meet a teammate when things go perfectly, terribly awry, or somewhere in the middle.

He also put together a double-double last season while playing just 30 minutes per game, a fantastic accomplishment. And he’s made huge strides in his rebounding since entering the league as a rookie in 2007, topping out with a rebound rate that flew past the 20 percent mark last season.

The players ranked ahead of him?   Chris Kaman, Andrew Bynum, Al Horford, Brook Lopez, Andrew Bogut, and Dwight Howard.

Interestingly enough, I think you could argue Noah with any of those guys except for Howard who’s obviously in a tier by himself.   I’m going to give Bogut the benefit of the doubt as well.

The other guys?   Well they all provide more offense, and I can understand the rankings of each ahead of Noah.  However with Boozer in the fold, I have to say, I’d rather have Noah than the other three next to Boozer.

Either way, just a nice excuse to appreciate Noah a bit.

According to Dwyer’s ranking, the Bulls have the #5 PG, don’t have a top 30 SG, #8 SF, #6 and #28 PFs, and #7 center.   Sounds pretty good.

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By: Doug Thonus

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2 thoughts on “Joakim Noah, 7th best center

  • August 28, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    Kelly Dwyer really overrated Brook Lopez and Greg Oden, in my opinion.

  • August 28, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    I think Joakim is a top 5.

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