Joakim Noah Contract Extension?

The Chicago Bulls and Joakim Noah are reportedly working on a long-term contract extension.  The hopes are that this deal-to-be will take effect before the 2010-11 season begins, this October.  Noah’s agent, Donald Dell, and the Bulls’ GM, Gar Forman, are currently in talks – trying to get the details of the contract hashed-out.

It appears as though Joakim Noah is, wisely, attempting to give himself some “good-standing” leverage, in order to cash-in as much as possible:

“I came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar fasciitis and we’re negotiating my contract right now that’s basically going to get me financially set for a little while so I can’t really mess that up.  My priority is definitely with the Bulls right now.”

And setting those priorities will include missing out on a golden chance to play for the French national team during this summer.

“The Olympics is something I’m definitely looking forward to, and it’s really tough because I know the French team is playing in [Madison Square] Garden against Team USA and that’s kind of something that I want to do. But I understand that [playing for the French national team] wouldn’t be the right thing to do right now because I still came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar fasciitis and I want to be a hundred percent for the season.”

The question doesn’t seem to be, “Will Joakim get paid this summer?” 

The better question is, “How much?”






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