Joakim Noah Featured in “Friends” Commercial for Bulls

Some comments uttered by Joakim Noah to the basketball media, in the midst of this past April’s Bulls-Cavaliers series, are being used on to promote Chicago Bulls’ basketball for the up-coming 2010-11 NBA Season. 

The comments being used in the commercial came after a reporter asked Joakim if he regretted sharing his negative views about the city of Cleveland, Ohio – which drew snickers from Chicagoans and fans around the country, but some outrage from the Cleveland faithful.

Noah nonchalantly responded, “Not at all.  Do you like it? Do you think Cleveland is cool? I mean- I’ve never heard anybody say, ‘I’m going to Cleveland on vacation.’  What’s so good about Cleveland?”

Another reporter then asked Joakim if he had ever been booed as much in his life, in reference to earlier in the evening from the Cleveland fans.  Noah responded, “Yeah.”  The reporter then asked for another example of “fan anger” directed towards him.  Here is the commercial, featuring the Bulls’ starting center’s response. 

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