Jorge Soler Suspended 5 Games for Daytona

Jorge Soler, one of the Chicago Cubs top prospects, has been suspended 5 games and fined an undisclosed amount by the Florida’s State League President. If you didn’t see all the reports yesterday, Soler charged the Clearwater Threshers dugout yesterday after arguing with their 2nd baseman Carlos Alonso. The incident occurred when a double play was being made. Soler and Alonzo started to argue after the play and Alonzo reportedly made a statement about Soler’s family. After Alonzo made the statement, Soler then went off.

The reports that surfaced yesterday were way over-exaggerated. Per yesterday, Soler reportedly picked up a baseball bat and started hitting the wall in the visiting (Threshers) dugout. However, that was never the case. Soler did grab a bat and started walking to the visiting dugout, but was restrained by top prospect Javier Baez and the hitting coach before he made it over there.

Theo Epstein did review the tape and did talk on the matter. Here’s quote from Team President Theo Epstein:

Theo said; “Soler didn’t swing a bat at anyone, that after charging out of the dugout Frank Del Valle got to him to diffuse situation.”

“Jorge is tremendously remorseful about what happened. He understands what he did was wrong.”

“What he did was wrong, he didn’t sleep last night, up all night thinking about it. Very apologetic. Understands can’t happen”

“Soler said there was a “back-and-forth” with a player from the other team all night, a comment about Soler’s family set him off.”

“We condemn the act, what took place, but we support the player. We believe in Jorge as a person as well as a player.”

At least Soler does understand he was in the wrong and can never do that again. Soler is still a young player and will learn from his mistakes. Now that’s one big issue the Cubs will have to work on with him before he makes the majors. The Cubs still have a couple years before he makes the majors, so there’s still time to work on his character issues.

Besides Soler being suspended and fined, the Florida State President said all players who left their position in the bench-clearing brawl will be fined an undisclosed amount.

I’m happy Soler’s suspension wasn’t long and he can get right back to action in about week. Soler is hot at the plate and we don’t want anything to cool him down.

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