As I “sit back and strap it down” for the 3rd and final game of the crosstown series I have bigger issues bouncing off the walls of my head concerning the White Sox. Is there frustration losing to the Cubs? Yes. Is it due to it being the other team in Chicago? No. It is the fact that we are losing to the worst team in baseball and have been losing series since Houston came to town. But it gets worse than just losing games. You see I look at every single detail of this game, whether its within the 9 innings or outside situations. So lets go passed what is actually going on from a game to game basis and look at the outside situations.

The focus right now is attendance. Why? Because we aren’t drawing fans for a number of reasons. The list of reasons why goes as follows: Economy, location, prices of tickets, and the lack of faith in this current roster amongst a wide variety of other reasons that many fans can come up with.

Now with that said, lets evaluate an opinion of our General Manager Kenny Williams who I guess is now the acting public relations manager as well, well not really, but he is trying and failing at that. How can the General Manager come out and state that he cannot make moves and blame it on attendance? Thats a bold move on his part and a bad reflection on the White Sox as a whole. Can it be true that attendance will hamper taking on salary? Yes, but why broadcast that as a representative of the White Sox? Why force it down the fan’s throat? In a round about way Kenny Williams is basically blaming the fans or lack of attendance for the White Sox not going out and getting pieces they need to compete for a division title which in this division could be had. Whats even more annoying is how transparent his statements are. As most die hard in depth fans know, the majority of the fan bases in all sports are what I call surface fans, fans that know that Paul Konerko has a good batting average and can hit homeruns, that major demographic doesn’t realize that improvements to a team VIA the trade can be done without taking on any salary as the minority “know too much” fans understand and see. So why do that? Why lie? That is what he is doing, he is lying to everyone and the smart “know too much” fans see right through it. Kenny Williams needs to step aside from the baseball operations and his new role of public relations and let someone else handle trades and speaking for the team. This is a must, this is something that should not be tolerated by any type of fan, casual or not. Kenny Williams needs to realize that this is a business, if a business doesn’t have a good product, that business will get no customers. You don’t see restaurant saying ” The customers need to come first so we can get more money to improve our menu ” Fact.

At the end of the day I feel like I have been backed into the corner as a fan and blamed for the team not being able to improve. That is not fair to the fans.

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